Make Good empowers young people to use their creativity to positively shape the world around them.

We use Design and Making as vehicles to explore the intersection between our creativity and empathy. We develop projects, workshops and camps that engage young minds and hearts, and show through the process of creating that everyone has something unique to offer the world. We work together to make a positive impact in our communities. 

Joshua Clarke

Founder  |  Creativity Facilitator

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Joshua is a Designer (Clarke Studio) and founder of Make Good.

With a background in engineering and serving at-risk youth and adults experiencing homelessness for over a decade, Joshua has combined his passion for serving his community and expressing his creativity in order to make good in the 'hood.


Through Make Good, Joshua seeks to create opportunities for young people to build their capacity for creativity and empathy, and realize their potential to become positive contributors to the world around them.  Joshua wants to help others find their creative courage.


Creativity Facilitator

Chad is an education and programming professional, working in the field of education for over 15 years. His belief in the importance of creativity, empathy, and play in the lives of children and adults alike has found him programming and writing curriculums for camps, daycares and out of school programs; as well as facilitating professional development for educators.

If you run into Chad outside of Make Good projects, you'll find him running Praxis Early Childhood Education, on his bicycle, camping with his family, or deep into a new book.

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