Project-Based Learning

Make Good school projects give students the opportunity to work together on meaningful projects that connect discoveries in the classroom to action in the community.  It’s an opportunity for students to Make Good in the Neighbourhood™.

Preparing students to become positive contributors in our 21st Century world requires engaging them in way that builds their capacity for empathy, communication, creative problem-solving and decision making.  

This form of hands-on, experiential learning has been shown through research to increase academic achievement and improve mastery of 21st Century skills.

Project-based learning offers the opportunity for students to:

  • integrate learning

  • navigate the creative process

  • negotiate challenges and obstacles

  • learn effective communication and planning skills

  • experiment and test ideas

  • accomplish something meaningful 

What does a Make Good project look like in your school?

We work collaboratively with teachers and school administrators to design projects that will compliment curriculum and school mandates, and meet the learning needs of their students. 


Projects allow students to answer meaningful and complex questions, such as "How might we improve mental wellness in our school, home and community?" or “How might we design a community that is more inclusive?” Projects can be designed to fit with curriculum subjects.  It could be anything. The important part is in how the students go about tackling the challenge. 


We guide students and teachers through a human-centered design process:


The beginning phase of the project involves students in building empathy and understanding of the project challenge and the people they are designing for.


Here we get creative and foster student's wild ideas. We synthesize insights collected to help frame the challenge and start generating possible solutions.


Make it real.

Students take their ideas and rapidly prototype them in order to get feedback. Here we learn that failure is part of the process. We integrate feedback into new iterations.


Time to share our final designs with the community and celebrate making good in the neighbourhood.  

Throughout the project life-span, students will gain experience collaborating and learning from others, practice turning ideas into testable prototypes, receive and give critical feedback, and work collectively to create something to share with their community. 


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